PHOTO DIARY: The wild animals EB played with on vacation

Getting engaged isn't the only amazing thing that happened when I was on a very needed weeklong vacation... I got to hang with some animals that I've never seen in real life before!

I was sailing around the Caribbean Sea and hiking through the island of Grenada and encountered sea turtles, stingrays, puffer fish, and Mona Monkeys for the first time ever. My friends say that being around monkeys makes me happier than being around my fiance... and... well let's just get to the pictures. [The pictures, I will add, that got not even a 10th the amount of likes of my engagement and I am appalled by it.]

The sea turtles were SO gorgeous/cute/all the great things. I'm so impressed with the video I have [second slide on Insta]. I mean, that's high quality videography right there. The stingrays were far less scary than I expected, and we saw so many puffer fish and even a baby shark in the water. It's so wild that you can just move around in their home and they just keep living their lives.

HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT MONKEY?! Nothing will ever beat a chimp for me, but Mona Monkeys are now my second favorite. They were so friendly. We went right up to a couple of wooded areas, had fruit, and they came out to get it from us. It's sad that a lot of people capture them for pets though [even though I'd really like to do the same but I will not].

I want to go back just to see these monkeys again. Someone please go with me.

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