PHOTOS: elizabethany got ENGAGED!

Some words I never thought I'd actually type in a truthful statement: I'M ENGAGED!

After about four years of a semi-hidden relationship that started as two neighbors taking advantage of convenience, someone decided to try and deal with me forever. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy to handle, but let's be honest- we all have our completely reckless moments. I'm glad I have someone to help me through those times and to help celebrate the good ones!


We went on a weeklong vacation with my best friends and their husbands on a catamaran around Grenada and surrounding islands. [Sounds bougie, I know... but we were just as sloppy on that boat as we are when we go to dirty af country festivals.] I had absolutely NO IDEA that he had brought a ring, and was talking with my friends and our captain about different ideas. They ended up deciding to set off fireworks on a mostly private beach at sunset. The problem: I'm very independent and set in my own ways and wanted to play with my new drone at sunset... on the boat. They kept trying to tell me the view was better from the shore than the boat, but I knew that was BS and fought them on it. In the end, my drone battery died pretty quickly so we all got our way. As everyone was seemingly casually taking sunset photos, the fireworks started going off, he started crying, I was completely stunned, and immediately SAID YES. I made him get up from his knee because it seemed awkward to have him down there and then I realized I had no idea what he had said, but it didn't really matter. THERE'S A RING ON MY FINGER NOW!


It's a peach sapphire and rose gold band with some pretty awesome detailing under the stone from a place called Tiny Jewel Box! I'd assume most people know I'm not exactly a *normal* kind of girl so I didn't want a diamond... and it's way too hard to pick between white gold and yellow gold so I told my friends to tell him to go rose gold so it'd match whatever other jewelry I'm wearing. [I'm not sure if that's a thing that fashion gurus believe, but I do.] As always, pics never do the coloring or the ring in general justice.

Now if you have any suggestions for a cheap venue for a bleep-ton of people, holler at your girl please. This is gonna be wild.

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