Listeners' Stories: When they've witnessed a spirit in their presence

When I was at a wedding the other week, there was a moment where two LED bulbs completely exploded. It freaked us out, but later it made sense. My friend, the bride, lost her father when she was growing up. Her mom pointed out that the two bulbs that exploded, out of the entire giant circle of them, were directly above the bride and her brother. That's all she had to say for us all to be emotional and realize that had to be her dad letting her know he was there with her.

Full disclosure: I don't describe myself as religious. I'm not sure what I am when it comes to all of that, to be honest... but this was a situation where I knew I believed this was true.

I decided to ask people to call the show and share similar stories, and I did not expect all of this. After taking the calls and reading the Facebook posts, I ended up being very physically exhausted, but happy. I felt like I had experienced so much [besides an inch of hair growing back from the goosebumps]. It's just wild to hear all of these things, so I decided to put them all on my podcast so I could share with those of you who may have missed some or all of it. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.



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