Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (3/22/24-3/24/24)

Falen had the opportunity to ride the new Fly with Appa ride in Nick U before it officially opened so I threatened her to use her extra ticket on me. It was a cool ride for kids that I still enjoyed like I was 7 years old. Then we had dinner at Crave.

Saturday after just merely catching up on sleep, I was back in the studio... recording shows... because I don't know how to stop running my mouth!

Not sure if you know this but before KDWB, I worked for an iHeartRadio station in Des Moines for less than 40 days. My Program Director (boss) from Des Moines was in town for an event so him and I linked up. It was good to catch up since I abandoned him like a deadbeat dad.

Sunday I went to our boss Rich's house to watch the 'Quiet on Set' docuseries. After being shocked by how nice Rich's house was, I was even more shocked by how messed up these child actors lives were, the things they experienced, etc...

I ended the weekend by deep cleaning my entire apartment. This was long overdue for me just because I live alone so I always fight myself between "you need to clean up" and "no one's gonna come over and see it anyway". I also made dinner for myself like I do every Sunday night.

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