Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (3/15/24-3/17/24)

Olivia Rodrigo's GUTS tour was in town Friday night. She had a GUTS bus come to Mall of America so we went out there to hang with listeners and give out some tickets. I uploaded a full video of the whole event on my Instagram @vontleak.

After the MOA event, we went to Truck Park by Xcel and broadcasted live. We also surprised a few listeners with t-shirts and LAST MINUTE tickets. This photo was funny because Falen said it looks like I'm a youth pastor and I saved this little girl's soul.

Then, of course Colt and I went to the Olivia show. We had nosebleed seats, probably the worst seats in the building. LOL... but we were there.

Falen invited Colt and I to her mom-in-law's birthday party so we went and had some pizza. Shoutout to her and her extended family. Colt and I are doing so many things together, our ship name is gonna be "Volt".

Rounded out the weekend with one of my favorite treats, a shamrock shake. This is how I celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

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