Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (3/8/24-3/10/24)

This weekend was my mom's birthday. This is her first birthday where I'm halfway across the country so I called her to sing Happy Birthday and I made her cry. Love and miss you mom!

I recorded a podcast with some really good friends of mine. It was SO MUCH FUN. More details to come...

Drake and I visited "new" / "old" friend Colt and his wife, Jen. We had a chill night at his place. We had drinks and snacks and just talked for a few hours. He's cool I guess.

Ended my weekend out with my infamous homemade chicken and nachos. No, I won't share the recipe but I can make it for you if you come over. I can never eat a home-cooked meal without watching TV so I put one of my favorite shows, House of Payne, on.

It was also my godson's birthday this weekend (so many Pisces)! He turned 4 so I had to call him to wish him a Happy Birthday. He was born the same week that pandemic hit!!!

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