We Need To Discuss My Faves Off The Jonas Brothers' "Happiness Begins"

So, we need to discuss the NEW Jonas Brothers' album Happiness Begins. I took me a bit to put this together because I really wanted to digest every aspect of the album before I formulated my opinion.

My first listen to it was from top to bottom uninterrupted and I must say it was a very spiritual experience. Such a solid album. But, there are 2 songs that will just melt your heart and then I have to share my personal fave!

1) "Hesitate" - Back in April The JoBros revealed to Billboard that 2 songs on the album were about Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra. Well it's very clear that "Hesitate" is about our girl Soph. There's one lyric where Joe Says, "You saved me once and now I'll save you too." Now I need to know how she saved Joe!

2) "I Believe" - The lyrics of this song are obvi about Nick and Pri! It talks about how people think the are crazy for moving too fast, but they don't care. It's just so beautiful I can't even deal!

3) "Love Her" - I had an initial attachment to this song when I heard the tracklist and this is hands down my FAVE song on the album. I'm telling you now it will be played at my wedding!

Let me know your faves off the album @TanyaRad on socials. ❤️

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