Jennifer Garner Is Binging Everyone's Fave Show & Has The Same Questions

Jennifer Garner is binge watching Netflix's hit reality show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Not only is she a fan like us, but she asked Marie to come over and help her organize her junk drawer! Which is the question every asks on a daily basis - what do you do with your junk drawer?

So, the best part is she gives you a little peak into what's inside her junk drawer and it's hilarious. She has a RAIN BONNET, freaking rain bonnet. It's amazing.

But, I wanted to share what I do when I'm trying to declutter my life that really helps. I feel like people have a tough time getting rid of their clothing for some reason. Here's what you do...pull out the article of clothing and say your favorite memory you had in it and then get rid of it!

It will take you a bit longer to get through cleaning your closet, but I'm telling you it's weirdly satisfying.

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