How I Created My 2019 Vision Board & Tips To Create Yours

A lot of you reached out asking about my vision board, so I wanted to share it here!

To start I pick a word to embody every year, this year is radiance - remember I shared that in another blog post with you? So you'll see radiance spelt out down the center!

Then on a separate paper I write down what I want for my year. Then I flip thru the magazines to try to find a photo that embodies that particular thing I want to add on the board. 

Finally, the poem on my board is from Darling Magazine. Check it out...


You can actually purchase a print of the poem HERE! How cool. Maybe I need this for my new place?!

So, I hope my little tips on how I make my board helps inspire you to make yours. It's not too late, the year has just begun. Tag me if you create one, I'd love to see. ❤️

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