Tanya Rad, Ryan Hilariously Discuss When “Dr. W” FaceTimed Her Unannounced

Never has something been more relatable. After two successful dates, Tanya Rad and “Dr. W” have taken things to the next level — FaceTime unannounced sans makeup 😂 On Wednesday, June 13, Tanya hilariously recalled to wingman Ryan Seacrest how “Dr. W” FaceTimed her after she had just gotten out of the shower and was innocently chatting with her roommate in her kitchen before bed.

“I’m talking to my roommate and all of a sudden who starts beeping in on FaceTime?” Tanya asked Ryan.

“Dr. W!” Ryan exclaimed. 

“Mind you, my hair is sopping wet,” Tanya continued. “I’m wet as a dog. I have no makeup on. I go like this [duck]. I duck down on the ground because I don’t want him to see me … I panicked,” Tanya added, laughing. “I didn’t know what to do and then I kind of realized the new me … I just called him back … wet hair, no makeup.”

“I have so many questions. First of all, did he see the Nick Jonas poster on your wall or did you hide that?” Ryan joked. 

“I FaceTime all the time. I really enjoy FaceTime, but I was ill-prepared for this ambush — I was really caught off guard,” Tanya concluded. “In my head, I was going through what could I do to make myself look better and then I was, like, I’m so just ready for bed and like wet, there’s nothing I can do.”

Fret not though because after their ~*~candid~*~ FaceTime they’ve secured another date! Date No. 3 is scheduled for Thursday, June 14, and you betcha we will be getting an update on Friday. 

Watch the hilarious video above and sound off in the comments with your own funny date stories.

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