Hershey's Debuts Reese's Holiday Lights

If you love the classic holiday Christmas tree Reese's, there's a new holiday treat you're going to want to try!

Hershey rolled out a variety of festive offerings this year, but one people are getting exited about the music is the new Reese's Holiday Lights.

The peanut butter creme-filled eggs look just like the old-school lights used to decorate the tree. Each package comes with four peanut butter eggs wrapped in decorative foil, similar to the eggs they release for Easter.


A couple other holiday treats Hershey's is releasing this season include Holiday Mix & Mingle Tin, Kit Kat Sweet Cinnamon Miniatures, Dipped Pretzels White Creme and Reese's Mystery Shapes.

JoJo Wright

JoJo Wright

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