Lauren Spencer Smith Talks Upcoming Album & Inspiration Behind "That Part"

We love this part when guests come in to the studio and perform... and Lauren Spencer Smith showed up with "That Part." The singer talked to Ryan Seacrest on-air today to talk about her upcoming album release, and the inspiration behind her latest hit single "That Part."

The lyrics in the song read what Lauren is hoping to do when it comes to her relationship and dating that many can relate to.

When you hold me, I see the end of a movie. Everyone thinks that we're crazy and maybe we are. I hate the middle, let's skip to the part when you kiss me. Surrounded by friends and our family.

"I'm just trying to skip to like, we have kids, a dog, I'm fully stable, we're never getting divorced. It's just like, we are in this. 50 years of marriage. Til death do us part."

Spencer told Seacrest how excited she was when she told her boyfriend the song was written about him. "'I'm finally writing a love song about you, this is a big moment in my life.'"

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So what's the story behind her album being called Mirror?

"Everything that I write is always a reflection of something that has happened to me," the "Fingers Crossed" singer told Seacrest. "I felt like my bathroom mirror or my bedroom mirror was the only thing in my life that had truly seen all the emotions and different sides of me that I had to go through in order to write the album."

Mirror drops on Friday, July 14.

Watch her amazing performance of "That Part" live in studio above and listen to the full interview below:

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