Racy 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle Shocks Viewers

Photo: Getty Images

Over the decades, Wheel Of Fortune has had all different kinds of puzzles, and sometimes they make headlines. In the past, there have been times when all three players have struggled to solve an easy puzzle, when a celebrity's name seems misspelled in the puzzle, and when a puzzle was just plain evil. Well on Wednesday, the iconic game show had a puzzle that some are calling NSFW.

The category was "Same Letter," which means all the words in the puzzle start with the same letter. A contestant named Tanino solved it and read it aloud saying, "Warm, Wet & Wild." He won $3,800 and a trip of the California coast worth $7,650, but viewers were not impressed with the show's choice of puzzle, and they expressed their disgust on Twitter.

One wrote, "LMAO Who is writing the Wheel Of Fortune clues this season?" while another tweeted an image of the puzzle with the caption, "???" and a third simply wrote, "Ew."

That wasn't the only notable moment in the episode either. In a rare occurrence, all three contestants wound up landing on bankrupt in a row. It was strange enough to elicit tweets like, "What in the Wheel Of Fortune hell is going on tonight?" and, "This episode is making my head hurt."

In the end though, Tanino pulled off the win and solved the bonus round with very few letters on the board.

The correct solve earned him another $45,000 for a grand total of $62,450 in cash and prizes.

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