'Schitt's Creek' Experience Sets Up Shop In New York City: See The Photos

In less than a month, we'll bid farewell to the Rose family of Pop TV's critically-acclaimed Schitt's Creek. With over 80 episodes in the can and a growing fanbase, the series centered on the formerly wealthy Roses starring Eugene Levyas, Catherine O'Hara, Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy is coming to a close. Before we say goodbye to the hilariously entertaining unit and their equally entertaining neighbors, the network behind the show has launched an immersive pop-up experience to help make the concluding season just a little less painful.

On Thursday (December 12), iHeartRadio took to an exclusive press preview for the pop-up experience, which previously set up shop in Los Angeles, and spoke with Pop TV President Brad Schwartz about the installation and why it was important to give viewers the opportunity to step into the community they've been following for the last four years.

After the marketing department did some brainstorming, the team decided that it was best to let fans take a step into the town's most beloved spots. "It was months of discussions, a few months of building everything and then the installation itself just takes a couple of days," Schwartz told us as we sat comfortably in a replica of Cafe Tropical. "We're as passionate about the show as the fans are, so we're as excited about this as they are."

Among the other familiar spots in the experience include a near replica set-up of the Rose Motel bedroom, with Moira's famed wig wall, the town's infamous welcome sign featuring, yes, those siblings and the Rose Apothecary store, where attendees can purchase actual Apothecary products, as well as show merchandise.

As for the fans who recently caught onto the show, Schwartz is envious, wishing he could experience the Roses for the first time. Still, he looks at their milestone victory lap across the 80-episode mark as nothing short of astounding. "We have done 80 episodes, which is a lot [for] scripted comedy in cable. That doesn't happen," he said. "And you know, we recently did a syndication deal, where all 80 episodes are going to be available on the Fox channels in syndication later in 2020. It's actually an incredible, incredible run that this show has had. And how awesome is it that a show can go out on top, exactly the way the creators want it to end?"

Schwartz stayed mum on details as to what happens with the Rose family, but admitted that Dan [Levy] "has compared [the last season] to being like a love letter to the fans."

Schitt's Creek returns to Pop TV on January 7, but the new season won't be uploaded to Netflix until about six months down the line as the show has done with previous installments. However, with this being the concluding season, Schwartz suggested that fans watch it in real time as spoilers are bound to spread. "Pop TV is in 70 million homes. We actually have more subscribers than Netflix," he said, refering to the viewers that have discovered the show on the streaming giant. "In prior seasons, you could kind of watch it at your leisure. But this final season, there's going to be spoilers and there's going to be [the question] like, 'Does Gilligan get off the island?' You're not going to want to wait six months for that. Come join us. Come join us for the ride."

The Schitt's Creek pop-up will run through Sunday (December 15) at The Gallery at Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W 18th St, New York, N.Y. 10011) and run from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Click here for more information!

Photo: Pop TV/Michael Simon