Melanie Martinez Rape Accuser Says Singer Was 'Condescending' After Reveal

After Timothy Heller revealed that her former friend Melanie Martinez had sexually assaulted her in a lengthy note via Twitter, the former opened up about the experience and detailed what followed after she went public with the accusations. 

In a new interview with Newsweek, Heller revealed that the singer tried to contact her 20 minutes after the letter went public. "I started sobbing when I saw [Melanie] was calling me, and I blocked her," Heller said, before adding that she reached out to Heller's boyfriend and suggested that Heller contact a healer by the name of Raven

"Suggesting a healer after I said I might tell my story, saying she dreamt about me, it's condescending," Heller added. "What, she's invested in my well-being all of a sudden? And it has nothing to do with that tweet? First of all, I did say 'no,' multiple times. But even if I hadn't, that doesn't mean I wanted it. She dug her own grave saying, 'she didn't say no'. That's not consent."

Click here to read more of Newsweek's interview with Timothy Heller.

Photo: Getty Images

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