Ten Uplifting Songs... According to Science

We can all use this today...or every day..

A neuroscientist compiled a list of the top ten most uplifting songs from years 1966 to 1986. What determined the "uplifting" part, you ask? Lyrical theme, musical key, and tempo. The higher the tempo, the higher your sense of energy, and VOILA! Uplifting music.

Here's the top ten:

1.  "Don't Stop Me Now", Queen, 1978


2.  "Dancing Queen", ABBA, 1976


3.  "Good Vibrations", The Beach Boys, 1966


4.  "Uptown Girl", Billy Joel, 1983


5.  "Eye of the Tiger", Survivor, 1982


6.  "I'm a Believer", The Monkees, 1966


7.  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", Cyndi Lauper, 1983


8.  "Living on a Prayer", Bon Jovi, 1986


9.  "I Will Survive", Gloria Gaynor, 1978

10.  "Walking on Sunshine", Katrina & the Waves, 1985

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