Drone Spots Missing Scottish Climber Feared Dead in Himalayas

A Scottish man who was presumed dead after going missing for 36 hours in the Himalaya Mountains was rescued with the help of a drone that spotted him clinging to an icy cliff on Broad Peak. 

Rick Allen, 65, says he was returning from a solo climb to the summit of the 26,401 foot peak, which is part of the Karakoram mountain range, and descending down the mountain when he fell from an ice cliff.

Allen says he became trapped after falling, and was unable to move, even though he was not seriously injured, suffering only minor cuts and frostbite. 

When people noticed Allen hadn't returned from his solo climb, many said they went sure that he was going to come back. But when a Japanese cook at the base camp spotted Allen's rucksack on the mountain, two brothers Andrzej and Bartek Bargiel, used their drone to fly around the mountain and K2, the world's second highest peak, when Allen was spotted. 

The Scottish mountaineer was quickly rescued by other climbers and Sherpas once the drone was able to point people where he was located. 

Allen was in the Himalayas with his climbing partner, Sandy Allan, for a trip to summit Broad Peak, when Allan decided to turn back due to the high winds in the area. The 65-year-old Allen decided to continue on with his summit attempt while his partner returned to base camp. 

Allen was brought back to base camp where he was later flown to a hospital for treatment to his toes. 

Photo: Getty Images

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