Jay Steele

Cotton Candy “Burrito”?

The Mail Thrower Just Drove By...

Taco Rage

But He Was SO Close!

That's a Deep Pool

2017 vs. 2007

You're Doing It Wrong...

Jay Steele

About Jay SteeleJay grew up in Buffalo, NY. He's been in radio for 18 years and worked in places as far away as Bangor, Maine but is now happy to call Northwest Arkansas home. He came to Northwest Arkansas 10 years ago as part of the morning show, and moved to afternoons in 2009. He lives in Springdale with his wife, 3 year-old daughter and 1 year-old son, and spends what little time he has trying to stay in shape and finding fun things to do with his family in Northwest Arkansas. Listen to him weekday afternoon from 2-6 on Hot Mix 101.9!


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