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Good Thing That Wasn't My Jam of the Month

So this is where all my party invitations end up...   //
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Ironically, their mistake was probably more racist than what they were supposed to play...   //
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You're Doing It Wrong

I'm not an expert stage diver, but I think you actually have to dive INTO something...   //
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Just Don't Bring Her Home to Mom

Gotta admit, she's got great balance.  And funneling skills.   //
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This Beats Your Car Alarm Everyday

Apparently thy take auto security pretty seriously in other parts of the world...   //
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Crowds Gather To Laugh At Robbers Who Locked Themselves In A Store

Instant karma...maybe hey should have used one of those stolen phones to call a locksmith:   //
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Kick It Down a Notch, Grandpa

It looks like the old geezer put a little too much effort into blowing out his birthday candles.  I'd probably skip the cake and just go for some ice cream instead...  ...
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Uh...What Button is THAT?

Robotic arms are so realistic these days, they can do ANYTHING a real arm can do!!   //
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