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Grandmas vs. Snapchat

Honestly, I think everyone wins here.  Who knew the Snapchat filters were grandma approved??   //
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Physics Demonstration Gone WRONG

Rough lesson in physics.  How does this guy hang in for a second swing??  I would be hospitalized for at least a week...   //
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School Fails

School's out!  And not a moment too soon...somebody's about to get hurt:   //
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Netflix Rules the World

The movie world, anyway. If Netflix wasn’t already the most essential streaming service before, it probably will be soon. (Well, essential for those of us too lazy and/or strapped for cash...
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Bathroom Design Flaw

Who's the genius that put this layout together?  I'd look out for this next time you're in a public bathroom...   //
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Chewbacca Mom Takes James Corden to Work

This crazy laughing Chewbacca mom thing may be getting a little out of hand...   //
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Sadness in the Sow Motion Booth

Have you ever been surrounded by happy people yet still fell all alone?  This guy.   //
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Thieving Seagull

If you've ever been to a beach or supermarket parking lot, you know that seagulls are like rats with wings.  They're everywhere, they make a huge mess of everything, and apparently they steal...
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