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15 Types of Road Rage

If you've been a passenger in a car, you've seen at least 8 of these...   //
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"Bad Moms" Trailer

Just in time for Mother's Day!   //
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Showers will never be the same...   //
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This is Why I Don't Surf

If you decide to try surfing, I'll be on the beach laughing at you...   //
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It Happened AGAIN!!

This pageant was in Brazil, but they crowned the WRONG WINNER.  How difficult is this???   //
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Fun With Anesthesia

This dude wakes up from anesthesia thinking he's super groovy.  If I ever need any kind of surgery, cameras will be banned from the entire hospital...   //
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Thanks, Mom

The Rio Olympics commercials are coming out already, and this one is just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday. WARNING:  You're probably going to cry.   //
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First Brain Freeze

It won't be long before she figures out it's worth it...   //
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We're Gonna Miss Obama the Comedian

Like him or not, agree with him or not...the President can deliver a punchline.  He was in rare form at the White House Correspondent's Dinner this weekend:   //
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