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I Like Mila Kunis Even More Now...

By the way, my wedding ring was from Amazon...$20.  My wife's was a bit more, though...   //        
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Blew. My. Mind.

I don't know whether to laugh or freak out...   //
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World's Drunkest Man Gets WWE Remix

No human should ever be this drunk...   //
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Jay Talks to Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is bringing his What Now? world tour to the Walmart AMP next Saturday...he called Jay in studio this afternoon!   //
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New Blair Witch Trailer

INYMI...this looks frightening:   //
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Lightning Destroys Utility Pole

Some crazy video shot during a Chicago thunderstorm...this stuff happenss all the time in NWA:   //
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Most Awkward High Fives EVER

This is hilarious...did you see the younger John Mayer/Kanye West fail??   //
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How Every Pizza Place Makes a Salad

Which is why you should really just order pizza...   //
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Movie Theaters In South Korea Are AWESOME

After adding up all the extra charges I think I'm paying $53 for a movie ticket, but still...I gotta go to South Korea!!   //
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