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Most Awkward High Fives EVER

This is hilarious...did you see the younger John Mayer/Kanye West fail??   //
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How Every Pizza Place Makes a Salad

Which is why you should really just order pizza...   //
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Movie Theaters In South Korea Are AWESOME

After adding up all the extra charges I think I'm paying $53 for a movie ticket, but still...I gotta go to South Korea!!   //
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Men vs. Women: Packing for One Night

True...   //
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"Big Air" Fails

I generally don't like to be off of the ground for very long.  Here's why (WARNING: some NSFW language):   //
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A Physics Demonstration, Jaegerbomb Style

How did he do that?  How did he even figure out anyone could do that??  This dude should be working on a cure for cancer instead of bartending...   //
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Not The Best Way to Start "Happily Ever After"

Clearly this dude had second thoughts about marriage...there's NO WAY you don't notice somebody falling off the back of your scooter.  She should be having some buyer's remorse, too:...
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Dance Like No One's Watching: Drunk Edition

I'm only assuming this guy is drunk (either on alcohol or life) the nose-wipe part of the dance?  I'm guessing nearly getting plowed over by the Mercedes isn't...  ...
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Probably should saved that question for after work...   //
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