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Dave & Jimmy


A new Dave & Jimmy parody by Nick Banks!

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Charlie Puth meets The Scrambler

    WARNING: Contains strong language
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DNCE at the SHEEP barn

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Chris Martin of Coldplay with Dave & Jimmy

Dave & Jimmy talk to Coldplay front man Chris Martin!
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Demi Lovato weighs in on JJ's cargo shorts

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Five Obnoxious Things Men Say to Women

Here are five things guys say that make women angry:     1.  "Calm down."  It's the worst way to calm someone down, because it doesn't work.  And it's like saying...
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Ashley's Best Day Ever!

Hey, it's your friendly producer Ashley. The Pokemon Go app is out and I took the opportunity to stop doing my usual producerly duties and instead catch Pokemon around the station all morning....
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"Happy 4th from Jimmy's team - The Cleveland Cavs"

(Minus LeBron)
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      We decided to do morning show rap battles but they obviously turned into Crap Battles.      ...
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UPDATED: Final Collection of Walk Up Music For Everyday People

Do you have a job that needs some serious hype? Email Dave  and tell him what you do, and if we pick you, you're going to get the most overblown NBA walk-up music ever. Confetti and...
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