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Miami-based duo GTA were inspired to get into dance music after attending - and working - at one of the genre's biggest and most famous festivals: Ultra. Fast-forward to today, and and Matt and Julio are collaborating with the likes of Diplo, A-Trak, Skrillex, and more - not to mention touring with Rihanna, and now headlining their own tour.

The guys have a lot more on the horizon. They are gearing up for festivals like Ultra and Coachella this year, and reveal they are working on an album. They tell iHeartRadio, "We just signed a record deal. So we’re just trying to work on an album, should be out later this year."

The guys have already been road-testing new material on their "Death to Genres" tour, and were recently seen in the studio with Skrillex. GTA says, "We are planning to still meet again in Miami. He’s really excited to work with us, as obviously we are too. When we started, it was kind of weird, like a tech/house Skrillex/GTA song. It's kinda weird, but I think we can probably finish that one too."

Matt and Julio stopped by iHeartRadio headquarters when they were in New York City, where they let us in on the stuff they love the most. Get to know GTA by discovering some of their Favorite Things below.

Favorite drink to get the night started:

Don Julio, 1942.

Favorite memory of Holy Ship:

Pharrell. Watching Pharrell play was pretty crazy.

Did you get to meet him?

Yeah. We’ve hung out with him a few times before and he’s really really cool.

Your favorite thing to do in Miami:

Work. A lot more lately I’ve been going out and doing like kayaking and enjoying all the hidden beaches and stuff that people usually don’t go to.

Favorite Miami hangout:

Key Biscayne – it’s the island that’s south of South Beach. You can just go and they have a lot of mountain bike trails, and random stuff on the beach, it’s really nice.

Favorite show or festival you've played so far:

Made In America in Philadelphia last year. Also OMFG! which was in San Diego, and that we played the ball drop on New Years. So that was definitely our favorite so far, that show was crazy.

Favorite memory from touring with Rihanna:

There’s so much. Going to Australia was pretty cool. We've never been there before, and it was pretty awesome being able to explore and see a bunch of new things, you know. And she [Rihanna] was really nice too. We hung out with her a couple of times in Australia, and she’s really cool. We had a couple drinks, went bowling.

Who won?

Oh she beat us. Really bad too!

Favorite city you've visited:

There’s so many. Sydney, Amsterdam is amazing, Istanbul was really really really nice. Cape Town is beautiful. 

Favorite song to play to get the crowd pumped up - your "go to" tune:

"The Crowd." Everybody always goes nuts when we play that.

Favorite producer of the moment:

Flume, What So Not. And right now this guy from the Netherlands, Oliver Heldens. He’s making a bunch of new really nice cool stuff. 

Favorite artist you've worked with so far:

Diplo. He’s cool, he has really good ideas. He’s just a cool guy to be around, so it’s pretty relaxing to be around him. It’s not just work work work, we also have a really good time just hanging out.

Favorite fast food to eat while you’re on the road:

No fast food. We’re dieting right now actually. We’re on the Paleo diet. Just like meat and veggies really. 

Favorite guilty pleasure:

Katy Perry, "Dark Horse" (laughs) 

Favorite Twitter account to follow:

@RickRossQuotes. It's this really weird play on like Rick Ross lyrics and he’s talking about how he wants to have sex with his food and s**t, it’s weird. It’s really funny though.

Favorite midnight snack:

Pizza probably.

Favorite hotel amenity:

Free hand lotion. There’s this one specific hand lotion, it’s like this little brown bottle, I forget what the brand is called but I always take it, smells really good, its free! Also if they have a tub, working the jets.

Favorite phone app:

Flappy Bird.

What’s your high score?

Like 36. I’m pretty bad I have friends that do like a hundred and something. Also this game called Zombie Run 2. 

Favorite gift a fan has given you/favorite fan moment:

Some guy in San Francisco got vinyls and did vinyl art on it - it said GTA. They’re really really cool. He gave it to us, like one each, and we have them at home.

Check out where you can catch the guys on tour next:

March 13 – Bang Bang – San Diego, CA

March 15 – Glass House – Pomona, CA


March 19 – Celebrities – Vancouver, BC

March 20 – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA

March 21 – Maya Beach Club – Scottsdale, AZ

March 22 – The Stage – Albuquerque, NM

March 28-30 – Ultra Music Festival – Miami, FL*

April 3 – Republic – New Orleans, LA

April 5 – Muse – Minneapolis, MN

April 12– Coachella Festival – Indio, CA*

April 19 – Coachella Festival – Indio, CA*

April 27 – Counterpoint Festival – Kingston, GA*


May 4 – Suburbia – Plano, TX*

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio