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Jay-Z is opening up about how he was chosen to executive produce the soundtrack to the upcoming film "The Great Gatsby."  The rapper tells that he invited "Gatsby" director Baz Luhrmann and actor Leonardo DiCaprio to the studio while he and Kanye West were recording their track "No Church In The Wild." 

From there Jay, Baz and Leo got to talking about the art of collaborating with other artists.  Jay says that conversation was the "seed" that sprouted many of the ideas in the soundtrack.  

Jay-Z also praised Baz Luhrmann for his ability to treat a movie's music "like another star."  He explains that the soundtrack is not "typical" because nearly all the songs are incorporated into the actual film. 

The soundtrack for "The Great Gatsby" hits stores on May 7th, while the film debuts on May 10th. 

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